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OSCAR & JOCK'S is an independent dog grooming salon owned and operated by Katie Hunter. 

"I have been working in the animal industry for several years. Over seven years working in Veterinary clinics in the USA, I also worked as a regional dog grooming trainer for a large pet store chain in Australia; overseeing more than 10 salons in Queensland & New South Wales. Prior to opening Oscar & Jock's in 2018; for two years I ran a successful dog grooming salon in Upper Coomera. 

As a journey, I have realised that at the core of everything I have done is my love for dogs. The time I get to spend with each pet is precious and I truly love getting to know each one of my clients. I love the creativity of dog grooming, and I have a passion for pets. I have no desire to pump out grooms only to satisfy the needs of the corporate budget & the higher ups. What I aim to provide is a lifelong service, built on quality and trust. 

I have a senior chihuahua named Jock, he is gentle and sweet and means the world to me. Whether it's an older boy who has tender joints, a young boisterous pup who just wants to play, or maybe a gorgeous girl who perhaps has a hard time being away from Mum; my goal with each pet is to have them dragging their owner's into my salon.

Dogs are the most amazing creatures and they deserve to feel good, look good & enjoy the process. A little love, patience & gentle handling goes a long way!"

- Katie Hunter


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